CCV Frietrock

CCV Frietrock

CCV Frietrock

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Frietrock is on for its 12th edition! There will be a lot of changes: 3 festival days, a new festival area (the Festivalpark Ter Waarde in Ypres) and the best line-up we have ever prestened (although we’re saying it ourselves 😉 ). This year the Frietrock festival will be paid for the first time ever, therefore we can put even more and bigger bands on our festival!

Edition 2021

We’re in full focus for the CCV Frietrock 2021! At this moment all preparations are made. We can already confirm that CCV Frietrock will take place on the 10, 11 and 12th September 2021 on a new location. A lot more information will be added to this website soon!



Organising a festival is serious business: book bands, find volunteers to help us, arranging all location… It’s not as easy as it seems. Hardest part of all: finding our partners to help make the festival possible. As an organization we’re more than thankful if a company decides to support us to the fullest. This year we’re even more gratefull to have CCV as naming sponsor and Ixina as another top tier partner.